Daily Discovery-Ickybaby-Wake Up And Smile

Ickybaby are a Los Angeles-based power pop group that specializes in catchy, serrated guitar anthems, brought to life by the unforgettable, indescribable voice of frontwoman Toni Tee. To contradict the most recent thing I said, I’d describe Tee’s delivery as cigarettey, eccentric, and incredibly high-pitched. It sounds like she’s about to go completely off the rails until you listen more closely and hear the controlled vibrato that colors certain key phrases, as well as the precision with which she hits her highest notes. “Wake Up and Smile,” from the band’s February EP Songs In The Key of Crazy, tells the story of one of those days during which everyone pisses you off, but one person pisses you off more than the others. “I hate everyone/But not like I hate you,” roars Tee in the song’s chorus, backed by punchy guitar chords and also a killer surf-inspired interlude at one point. A great song for a bad mood, although I’m not in a bad mood and I love “Wake Up and Smile” anyway.

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