Daily Discovery-Cold Mass-Grinding Poverty

The new release Grinding Poverty/Stressor by Pittsburgh’s Cold Mass is tagged as “street doom” on Bandcamp, which leads me to assume that the band’s members are fond of Portland’s R.I.P., the only other group I could find that uses that term. “Grinding Poverty,” an eight-and-a-half minute behemoth of a track, blends the trademark, molasses-like tempos pioneered by classic doom bands like Saint Vitus and Candlemass with the crushing riffs and throat-shredding vocals of hardcore (they remind me of Every Time I Die played at half speed). Strangely enough, I could actually imagine people getting down to this one at a (very crusty) party; not what you’d expect from a song called “Grinding Poverty,” but the way that Wilson Ragen’s rhythmic bass and Matt Langile’s floor tom rolls interact with Erik Wynn’s repetitive, descending guitar riff creates a groove within a groove that could easily cause a listener to sway very slowly around a room while bobbing up and down like a marionette. Who says the word “doom” can’t be fun!

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