Daily Discovery-Sierra Sellers-Shine (feat. My Favorite Color)

Sierra Sellers is one of several local artists who I really wanted to see at the Deutschtown Music Festival a few weeks ago, but, unfortunately, wasn’t able to. To compensate for this missed opportunity, though, I gave her new song “Shine” (featuring Pittsburgh rapper My Favorite Color) several plays throughout the course of this evening. A breezy mix of hip-hop, R&B, and chilled-out house music, the track is produced by Nice Rec and Jeremy Rosinger, whose understated arrangement of floating keyboard, smooth bass (courtesy of Charlie Scott), and four-on-the-floor percussion provides a propulsive instrumental over which the two vocalists can wax romantic. Sellers’ singing sounds effortless on this track, alternating between drawn-out falsettos and staccato near-raps; “I can’t dance,” she admits during the bridge, quickly adding, “But let me be your partner.” My Favorite Color strings together some impressive bars in a voice that reminds me of melting candle wax; after a particularly intricate passage that incorporates mentions of painter Jean-Michel Basquiat and the 2000 film Love and Basketball, he mumbles, “That was so dope,” as if dumbfounded by his own rhyming ability. “Shine” is a great summer song, the perfect thing to listen to on a porch while cracking a beer or a White Claw or whatever the kids drink nowadays.

Check out more from Sierra Sellers and follow her on social media.

Catch Sellers (along with some other great local artists) at Pittsburgh’s Very Own, happening on August 10th at Mr. Smalls in Millvale

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