Daily Discovery-Soft Gondola-The Bite

Today’s find is kind of bittersweet; Soft Gondola, a Pittsburgh band that made hazy, melancholy pop music, just played their final show a few weeks ago. However, they did release a self-titled album before hanging it up. “The Bite,” one of the standout tracks from Soft Gondola, combines motorik drums with swirling, atmospheric washes of guitar in a way that reminds me of The War On Drugs, another band that occupies the middle territory of an imaginary Venn diagram with the words “dreamy” and “sad” on either side. Frontwoman Daniella Trimble’s wistful vocals are anchored by a strong sense of soulfulness, almost an ache, which makes sense when considering the group’s classification of itself as “bummer pop.” I’m personally fine with being bummed out if the sentiment is being packaged with shimmery guitars and liquid keyboards. I only regret that I hadn’t heard of Soft Gondola sooner and that I never got to see them play.

Check out more music from Soft Gondola

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