Daily Discovery-Hajile-Playing With A Witch

Today’s post is the first one being written from my new apartment; Bored In Pittsburgh was inactive for a few days because I was in the process of moving everything from South Oakland to Polish Hill, a vertical maze of streets and stairways tucked away on the slopes above the trendier Lawrenceville. Time to get back in the swing of things.

Pittsburgh’s own Hajile makes R&B-tinged bedroom pop, full of whispered vocals and twinkling keyboards. At one point during his new release, Sunshine, he interpolates “Pure Imagination” (of Willy Wonka fame), a musical choice that gives you an idea of his music’s wistful bent. “Playing With A Witch” opens with a gentle music box melody, which expands into a lively hip-hop-esque beat saturated in glimmering harp strums. Hajile tells a story of romantic woe in his signature fairytale style, partially eschewing the somnolent vocal delivery during the song’s chorus in favor of a subtly catchy hook. “Playing With A Witch” will have you headnodding and daydreaming at the same time; a good song to start the week off.

Listen to more from Hajil


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