Daily Discovery-Drama Bahama-So Dark Outside

Seattle, WA’s Drama Bahama refers to himself as a “vegan folk singer and trash opera performer.” It’s an unusual description that befits an unusual artist. His new album Heart Shaped Chocolate is a collection of free-floating, eccentric tunes that split the difference between innocence and despair. Drama Bahama’s lyrics are Flaming Lips-ian in their sometimes dark sense of whimsy, and he also sounds a bit like a frightened Wayne Coyne. “So Dark Outside,” a piano ballad of sorts, finds our friend Drama riffing on a central vocal melody, at points twisting it into a series of wordless, wailing vocalizations that might be goofy if they didn’t sound so sad. He warns, “On the radio they say/There’s a storm coming outside/On the radio they say/Stay alive.” Not exactly an optimistic weather forecast. Behind Drama’s vocals, his piano roils and boils like a gathering raincloud, while snippets of saxophone, cello, and clattering percussion appear briefly and fade away like they’re being whipped past a window in a windstorm. “So Dark Outside” does end with the sound of birdsong, though, so maybe things turned out ok.

Check out more from Drama Bahama and give him a like on Facebook.

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