Daily Discovery-Japanese Heart Software-Loner

Japanese Heart Software could easily be the name of some a e s t h e t i c, vaporwavey project full of ironic 90’s television samples; in reality, the name actually refers to the lo-fi sythpop created by Melbourne, Australia’s Nat Chippy. “Loner,” off Japanese Heart Software’s new release Lonely Hearts, blends driving percussion with warm, blown-out synth tones and faded vocals to great effect. The washes of fuzzy melody strain against the boundaries of whatever recording equipment was used to capture them, swelling and crackling like flames from the remnants of an ancient, overheated computer. The instrumental, combined with Chippy’s reverbed vocals, forms what sounds like the digital ghost of a Keep Shelly In Athens track whose download file has been slightly corrupted. A wonderfully hazy listen for this Friday morning.

Correction (sort of): Japanese Heart Software is also the name of a track by Estonian dream-poppers Pia Fraus (not a vaporwave band), also worth listening to.

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