Daily Discovery-Sicayda-Only Worried

Sicayda is a four-piece band from Toronto that creates hazy, echoey guitarscapes in the vein of the classic 90’s shoegaze groups. Their new EP Sown ranges stylistically from delicate, crystalline balladry to whirring, distorted rushes of sound, sometimes pulling from both simultaneously. “Only Worried” is a towering, majestic track whose air of celestial sadness reminds me of Slowdive’s “Machine Gun.” Shimmering guitars provide a backdrop for Marcos Villar’s (I think that’s the lead singer’s name) melancholic musings; “Will I feel today? […] Will I have a place?” he asks. During the chorus, guitarists Villar and Kevin Tipan introduce even more layers of crushing guitar into the already dense fog, creating a cathartic sense of release. Sometimes, on a cloudy Thursday morning, you just need some shoegaze. Sicayda was able to deliver that today.

Check out more from Sicayda: https://sicayda.bandcamp.com/

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