Daily Discovery-Jimi Lucid-Flutter

Independent New York artist Jimi Lucid makes music that is difficult to classify. His new album Doom Generation draws from the deep well of emotion that has sprung up out of the Soundcloud-based “emo-rap” genre, which features melodic, sensitive songs that are still rooted in hip-hop production and flows. But where many “emo-rap” songs are raw, angsty, and murky, Lucid’s music is polished and warm, both sonically and in spirit. Also, rather than base his compositions around traditional hip-hop beats, Lucid seems to have been inspired by our friends across the Pond. Several of his songs feature rapid breakbeats similar to those found in UK drum and bass music; even the way he pronounces some words has a distinctly British air to it. “Flutter,” Doom Generation‘s opening track, finds Lucid assuring the listener that, “You are enough,” over a background of synth flourishes and high-BPM percussion. He has an ear for melodies that are both soothing and melancholy, and a voice both velvety and sleepy enough (he could’ve been in a shoegaze band in another universe) to deliver them. Listening to “Flutter” feels like getting a hug through your speakers, which makes sense given that Lucid describes Doom Generation as a “love letter to everyone that has ever felt alone, depressed, lost, and misunderstood.” Make sure to check this one out if you need some musical reassurance.

Listen to more from Jimi Lucid: https://jimilucid.bandcamp.com/releases

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