Daily Listen-Young Galaxy-Fall For You

I didn’t get enough sleep last night, so today’s song needed to provide a pick-me-up alternative to extra strong Café Bustelo, which I’ve been swilling from a thermos all day. Luckily, Canadian synthpop duo Young Galaxy exists, and, even more luckily, they released “Fall For You” on their 2013 album Ultramarine (Paper Bag Records). Not to be confused with Secondhand Serenade’s one hit, this track sounds like an electrified sea shanty sung by the neon-clad, slightly hipsterish crew of some airborne retrofuturist pirate ship. Imagine CHVRCHES doing a cover of George Thorogood’s cover of Bo Diddley’s “Who Do You Love,” with a dash of Lord Huron’s “Fool For Love” (which is really just a blatant riff on the former, although I do love it anyway) thrown in for good measure. The verses percolate and bounce with a restrained energy as Catherine McCandless delivers yearning vocals about working in mines and swimming through dreamy waves, until the chorus hits and she unleashes a massive “AAAAYOOOOO/When you need a guide, I’ll light your way!” complete with double-tracked harmonies that must have been designed with the sole purpose of overloading the brain’s pleasure centers. Front to back, this is one of the most flat-out enjoyable songs I’ve heard.

Check out more from Young Galaxy: https://younggalaxyofficial.bandcamp.com/

and older stuff at https://younggalaxy.bandcamp.com/

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