Daily Discovery-Jacquea Mae-Seeing Your Face Again

“Oooh helloooo, I didn’t expect to see you! I mean, I thought I blocked you!”

“How you doing..wait, what? You out here blocking guys? What gives? Why would you do something like that?”

Thus goes the intro to “Seeing Your Face Again,” a track from Life On Hold (1Hood Media), the new EP from Pittsburgh-area singer/songwriter/artist/actress/educator Jacquea Mae. The beginning of the song takes the classic dynamic of man-crawling-back-to-woman-without-knowing-he’s-crawling and yanks it into the modern era of cellphones and social media. These days, a virtual block is the most brutal punishment a person can dole out, and it sounds like Mae has done it cheerfully. She lays out her reasoning over the next four and a half minutes, using her deep, rich voice to tell a story of missed calls, broken promises, and bad behavior. “Seeing Your Face Again” has the feel of a track from Lauryn Hill’s 1998 classic The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, specifically, the song’s narrative lyrical sense, its hip-hop inspired rhythm, and its use of background crowd chatter to help create an atmosphere. Life On Hold‘s album art looks like it could be even older, with a vintage style that would fit right into the 60’s or 70’s soul music canon. This song and album provide a modern take on a classic sound, one that I really enjoyed, and think many others will, too.

Check out more from Jacquea Mae: https://jacqueamae.bandcamp.com/releases

Visit the website for 1Hood Media, which uses art to further social justice causes: https://www.1hood.org/

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