Daily Listen-Mogwai-Golden Porsche

Mogwai is a Scottish band, one of the most notable and longstanding “post-rock” acts to emerge out of the 90’s. I always describe post-rock as “Friday Night Lights-core” to those who aren’t familiar with the genre; it tends to feature extended, guitar based instrumentals that build from pensive, quivering near-silence to earth-shattering, ringing crescendos over the course of 10 or so minutes. This is just a loose and somewhat cliche description of the genre, though, as it can incorporate styles from jazz, classical, dub, ambient, electronic, and metal, really anything you can think of. Mogwai’s sound is pretty versatile; the boys love to bring the crushing walls of sound, but also know how to scale things back for some quieter, truly beautiful pieces. “Golden Porsche,” from 2003’s Happy Songs For Happy People (Matador) is one of the Mogwai’s most serene compositions, featuring waves of gossamer guitar and piano washing slowly over a bed of gentle percussion and droning cello. It’s a pretty song, but it also has a definite sense of melancholy to it. This one is a real tearjerker, difficult for an instrumental to pull off. Check it out if you want to cry happy tears on this fine Monday morning.

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