Daily Discovery-Mister Dizzy-freeze pop cocktail

All Sundays are good days for sitting and doing nothing, but this particular Sunday is even better suited for lazing around. The Deutschtown Music Festival, located on Pittsburgh’s North Side, has been going on since Friday, and I listened to about 8 hours of live music yesterday. I also walked to the North Side from Oakland, and then back and forth between the Festivals’ various venues, adding up to about 9 miles in total. (Stay tuned for more writing about the Deutschtown Music Festival.) Needless to say, I’m exhausted and my ears are still ringing. Pittsburgh producer Mister Dizzy’s new release To Relax/Study To (DMT Tapes) is the perfect listen for today. I’m guessing that the album’s title is a play on the omnipresent “Lo-fi chill beats over anime study mix” meme that’s been floating around the internet for the past few years, although the music found on this album is, in fact, great for relaxing. My favorite track is “freeze pop cocktail,” which combines washed out percussion with buzzing bass and a sporadic, jaunty synth line. Mister Dizzy kindly includes a freeze pop cocktail recipe along with the track, which I’ll share here:

1 part vodka 
2 parts water or sparkling water 
1 freeze pop from a plastic tube, broken into pieces

Sounds kind of great for this hot Pittsburgh day; I might have to actually make one of these. Even if not, I’ll continue to enjoy this album.

Check out more from Mister Dizzy: https://misterdizzy.bandcamp.com/

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