Daily Listen-The Veldt-CCCP

I’m going to start featuring more classic “shoegaze” music on here, since I’m on record saying that it’s the only music worth listening to. Exaggeration, but I do love me some swirling thunderclouds of distorted guitar. The Veldt (now known as Apollo Heights) are a criminally underrated band from North Carolina that likely suffered early on (and probably continue to suffer) due to the casual racism and/or stereotyping of the music industry. Because founders Daniel and Danny Chavis are black, labels wanted The Veldt to play music in the vein of Lenny Kravitz or Living Colour; their sound, however, was more in the vein of shoegaze-y Britpop, all blurry guitars and stargazing, yearning vocals, with a hefty dash of soul thrown into the mix to further complicate matters. The music didn’t fit easily into any specific scene at the time, although the group has gone on to influence some major artists; Doc McKinney (one of the Weeknd’s early collaborators who helped establish the singer’s signature sound) has cited the Chavis brothers’ work as musical inspiration for his moody, atmospheric beats, and also as personal inspiration for pushing genre boundaries when others would not. “CCCP,” which may be the best known song by The Veldt, was released on their Marigold EP in 1992. It’s a rapturous piece of music, and cements the band’s status as a hidden gem of the shoegaze genre.

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