Daily Listen-Lem-Moron Mountain

The Pittsburgh-area duo Lem (comprising Ian Compton and Laurel Wain) describes its sound as “joke-folk,” which seems apt when considering the lyrics to “Moron Mountain,” a track included on their newly released Good Boy Smoke EP. To kick off the less than 90 second-long song, Compton and Wain, harmonizing beautifully, implore some higher power to “Put Michael Jordan and Bill Murray in a film together again.” I guess the upcoming LeBron James Space Jam sequel just doesn’t have the same intrigue as the original. A few moments later, they reminisce fondly about the Slim Jim Man commercials and express their longing to “snap into a beef stick.” Either Compton and Wain are being bankrolled by a trying-to-make-a-comeback Demetri Goritsas (the actor who played Slim Jim Man back in the day), or they’re just really nostalgic for the 90’s. Since I’m assuming Goritsas doesn’t have the money for targeted musical bribery (or maybe he does, I’m not one to talk), I’m going to assume that 90’s nostalgia is powering Lem here. The song itself sounds like Fleet Foxes doing a slacker comedy bit, and I absolutely love it. Make sure to go see Lem at 4pm tomorrow (7/12) at the Deutschtown Music Festival on Pittsburgh’s North Side.

Check out more from Lem: https://lemmakesmusic.bandcamp.com/

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