Daily Listen-Blonde Redhead-23

Haven’t done a daily listen in a little while (this work week has been absurdly busy), but I got the chance to kick back for a bit after getting home at 8:30 tonight, and decided to take the opportunity to listen to New York City trio Blonde Redhead’s 2007 album 23 (4AD). The titular track is one of the best shoegaze/dream-pop/whatever songs I’ve ever heard, a rousing, hypnotic career highlight from a band that’s been around for over two decades. Simone Pace’s driving, breakbeat-influenced drum work sets the tone for the track, giving it the feel of a dreamier Curve song. Frontwoman Kazu Makino proceeds to steal the show with a somnolently soaring, mysterious vocal performance, complete with an insidiously catchy “Na-na-na” hook that sounds like the result of a pop punk band taking too much Ambien and getting super wistful. A great song if you’re into hazy guitar maelstroms.

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