Daily Discovery-Dragon Plant-BadRadio

Autumn Sounds, a small, Pittsburgh-based experimental label, has a real knack for featuring unusual local artists. One such artist is Dragon Plant, a self-described “product of the web,” who released BadRadio a few weeks ago on the Autumn Sounds label. The album’s titular track is a haunting, narcotic instrumental featuring creeping percussion, subtle vocal samples, and a woozy guitar motif. The track gradually builds in intensity over its four minute runtime, with the beat picking up speed halfway through and every so often glitching out like a dying power drill, and the guitar piling layers of reverb onto itself until it echoes off into the murky void. Reminds me of Boards of Canada’s work on The Campfire Headphase, peaceful yet creepy. Definitely one to check out.

Listen to the rest of BadRadio: https://autumnsounds.bandcamp.com/album/badradio

More from Autumn Sounds: https://autumnsounds.bandcamp.com/music

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