Daily Discovery-Lupa J-The Crash

Lupa J is an electro-pop producer and singer from Sydney, Australia; “The Crash” is a song from her new album Swallow Me Whole. This track reminds me of the darkly dramatic music of artists like Robyn and Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan. Nocturnal synth arpeggios and a driving beat give Lupa ample space to air some anxiety and guilt surrounding her role in an unfaithful relationship; admitting that “this train ride home scares me” and “I’ll be with her, my lips still on yours,” going so far as to wish that the roads would flood on her way home. Those sentiments are peanuts when compared to the song’s incredible chorus, though, which I’ve got to place up there with Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” in the pantheon of depressingly anthemic choruses that inspire involuntary flailing of limbs. Those synth arpeggios lift up into sparkling higher realms, while an absolutely filthy, grinding bass rears its head from the low end, catching you in the very core of your being. Lupa’s already desperate mindset morphs into a literal death wish; she pleads for her keys so that she can hop in her car and “speed off the edge/so we can fall through space.” Even her fiery demise doesn’t ease her troubled soul; “And in the crash I see her face.” A gripping, devastating, and undeniably danceable listen.

More from Lupa J: https://lupajmusic.bandcamp.com/

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