Daily Discovery-Acid Cats-Cam Bam

“Cam Bam” is a funky odyssey of a track, created by the Akron, OH acid jazz group Acid Cats, off their new release Curiosity. Once I saw the album cover, I was sold; one does not simply scroll past a picture of a rainbow cat playing with bubbles. Luckily, the music is just as lively and colorful as the artwork. The rhythm section of drummer Cameron Bickley and bassist SmokeFace is tighter than a college student’s budget, creating a sonic backbone that serves as the track’s kinetic framework throughout its nearly 9-minute runtime. The centerpiece of the song is an extended, dizzying synthesizer solo (performed, I believe, by keyboardist Andru Dennis) that at times resembles an Atari video game soundtrack that has broken loose from its musical boundaries so that it can dart around all available scales and arpeggios (Aristocats reference there to tie things back to the cat theme). Can’t leave out Tommy Lehman on the trumpet and Justin Tibbs on tenor sax, as they contribute some excellent motifs and solos of their own. I’m currently playing “Cam Bam” for my girlfriend’s fat cat to see if she’s an Acid Cat herself, but I don’t think this specific feline is on that wavelength. No matter, though; this is a great song even if not all cats understand it.

Check out more from Acid Cats: https://acidcats.bandcamp.com/

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