Daily Discovery-Take Me With You-The Mercy Fight

Today’s find is a slice of retro new wave-y synth pop from Pittsburgh’s own Take Me With You. “The Mercy Fight,” the opener from the group’s recent release a building, a dreaming, combines thunderous Joy Division drums (saturated in gated reverb, of course) and Kraftwerk synthesizers to form an anthemic jam that wouldn’t sound out of place in an 80’s underdog sports montage. The interplay between lead and backing vocals during the chorus is especially thrilling, as the band’s Chrissie Hynde-esque singer (not sure on the name, sorry Take Me With You) warns, “Only one goes home tonight,” and her counterpart chimes in with, “Are you ready? Are you ready?”, a haze of effects swirling around his voice. For good measure, Take Me With You throws in a recurring instrumental break, all stabbing, menacing synth hits and four-on-the-floor drum kicks. While listening to this song, I just remembered that it’s only Friday (I’m off work today); “The Mercy Fight” can be the soundtrack of my joyful frolicking through the parking lots of Erie as a result of this realization.

Check out more from Take Me With You: https://tmwy.bandcamp.com/releases

Make sure to come out and see them at the Polish Hill Arts Fest on July 21st: http://phcapgh.org/events/arts-festival/

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