Daily Discovery-String Machine-Eight Legged Dog

I slacked a bit this week, so we’ve got two discoveries today, oh boy! String Machine is a Pittsburgh-area indie folk collective; “Eight Legged Dog” is the first single released from their upcoming album Death of the Neon, due out August 3rd. The members of the group use their music to fight the good fight for all that is natural and beautiful against the ever-encroaching developments and shopping malls that seem to be swallowing up the entire country. This rustic song comes complete with the gentle harmonies, acoustic guitar, and cello that you’d expect from folk, but also includes a keytar(!), which automatically makes it a gem. Even without the keytar, I’d love this song; it’s mysterious and slightly melancholy, featuring some striking lyrical imagery, like, “Now my exoskeleton/That bandages my soft margins/Is too thick to escape/It’s too think to penetrate.” The song’s refrain is downright Yeatsian, centering on an “eight legged dog […] coming along to ruin your grain,” rather than a rough beast slouching toward Bethlehem to be born. The same air of menace is reflected here, albeit more subtly than when good old Billy Yeats did it in “The Second Coming.” Definitely looking forward to hearing the rest of this album upon release.

Check out more from String Machine: https://stringmachine.bandcamp.com/

Death of the Neon album release show on August 3rd at Mr. Roboto: https://www.facebook.com/events/895011367518307/

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