Daily Discovery-Sister Mantos-La Gente Contra Los Blancos

Today’s find is an ecstatic rave-up of a track by Los Angeles “Psychedelic Improvisational Funk Pop Latin Dance Booty Shaking Performance Art” collective Sister Mantos. The song, whose name (according to Google) translates to “The People Against The Whites,” plays as the soundtrack to a subversive, revolutionary block party. Project mastermind Oscar Miguel Santos and guest vocalist San Cha whoop and holler over a Talking Heads-esque instrumental, warning the people, “You gotta burn your money!” (although, sometimes it sounds like they’re singing, “We’re gonna burn your money,” which would lend the track an even more radical edge). Either phrase makes sense, though, in the larger scheme of an album called Songs In The Key Of Destroy Capitalism. It’s actually appropriate that this track is being featured on July 4th, a holiday ostensibly celebrating our country’s founding, but which functions more as a way for companies to sell us things at a slightly lowered price, likely still exorbitant when compared to the cost of production. I wouldn’t recommend “La Gente Contra Los Blancos” to those unironically watching Trump’s tinpot dictator-style military parade today (just a hunch that they wouldn’t like it), but it’s fair game for anyone else. A true anti-materialist jam.

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