Daily Discovery-Tito Mazzetta-Astral projecting from a couple light years away

I’ve returned from my weekend camping excursion in Rothrock State Forest sore and bedraggled, but ready to talk about some music. Today’s find is a beautiful ambient track from Atlanta, GA’s Tito Mazzetta, off his new release Mirror to the Moon (VLSC). Bear with me while I wander off on an existential tangent for a minute. Here’s a picture of an outcropping a few hundred feet down the trail from our campsite, which was only accessible via a multiple mile hiking trail up a mountain, one that we traversed while laden down with tents, firewood, jugs of water, and sleeping bags:

This area is called Bear Meadows; I realized upon arrival that I probably shouldn’t have watched “Backcountry,” a survival movie featuring a gruesome bear attack, a few weekends ago.

Around midnight, I walked out to this overlook, laid down on a rock, and was treated to the most incredible view of the night sky I’ve ever seen. The Milky Way stood out like a celestial river, shooting stars darted around the corners of my vision, and every dark patch of sky seemed to grow new points of light the longer I stared at it. It’s the kind of experience that produces all sorts of deep, awe-inspiring, sometimes anxiety-inducing thoughts about the size of the universe, our place in it, and the fact that my 24 year-old joints have already started creaking every time I stand up.

Mazzetta’s “Astral projecting from a couple light years away” would have been a perfect soundtrack to my stargazing. The track rides hypnotic swells of droning synthesizer, which sound as if they are in fact drifting into our atmosphere from several hundred million miles away. Subtle chirps and blips mimic the sounds of insects and frogs shifting about on a still summer night. Barely audible whispers echo into the mix several times, like the voice of a benign alien presence reassuring the listener (in this case, me) that creaking joints are inconsequential to the larger cosmic tapestry. In all seriousness, this is a great song, reminiscent of a less creepy version of James Leyland Kirby’s work as The Caretaker. Recommended for fans of ambient music and for 20-somethings who have started to refer to 2007 as “the good old days.”

Side note: Props to Amy Mazzetta for creating the gorgeously abstract, collage-like art for Mirror to the Moon.

Check out the rest of the album, and more from VLSC: https://vlsc.bandcamp.com/

Give Amy Mazzetta a follow: https://www.instagram.com/amymazzetta/

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