Daily Listen-Ecstatic Sunshine-Ramontana

“Ramontana” was yesterday’s listen; I put on Baltimore, MD duo Ecstatic Sunshine’s 2006 release Freckle Wars (Carpark Records) while doing some work from home last night, but ended up having so much work that I didn’t actually have time to post about the song. No matter, here it is. Ecstatic Sunshine is a (sadly) defunct experimental guitar act comprising Dustin Wong and Matthew Papich. Their compositions, which feature nothing but guitar (and sometimes feral, wordless shrieks), are imbued with an absolutely manic sense of energy. Switching between clean and distorted tones, Wong and Papich play intricate riffs at breakneck speed, like some frightening beast (maybe a giant version of the rat creature pictured on the album cover) is slouching toward the stage/studio and they need to get as many notes out as possible before booking it. Despite the lack of percussion, Ecstatic Sunshine made some of the most kinetic music I’ve ever heard, and I only regret that the duo disbanded before I could ever see them live.

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