Daily Discovery-Alex Cyprine-I Got A Guitar For Christmas

Today’s find comes from French guitarist Alex Cyprine, off his newly released album My Super Sweet Summer (In My Bed) (1 EP par jour records). I’ll be honest, I can’t really make out many of the lyrics on this track, as Cyprine’s vocals are slathered with a thick coat of delayed reverb, to the point where I can’t tell if he’s singing in English or in French. It’s no matter, though, because this is a track that wallops you in the face with pure, rebellious attitude and demands that you like it, even if you don’t know what it’s about (besides ostensibly getting a guitar for christmas). A hard-charging punk song in the vein of classic groups like Black Flag and The Misfits, it starts with a buzz of guitar feedback before launching into a storm of rapid fire riffs and motorik drums. The grainy image of a woman flipping the middle finger on the cover of the album doesn’t hurt this one’s punk credentials, either. An invigorating listen on this Wednesday morning.

Side note: The name of the record label that released this album, 1 EP par jour, translates to “1 EP per day,” which would be an astounding level of productivity if meant to be taken literally. Guess I’ll have to come back every day to check.

Listen to the rest of My Super Sweet Summer (In My Bed): https://1epparjourrecords.bandcamp.com/album/my-super-sweet-summer-in-my-bed

Check out more from 1 ep par jour: https://1epparjourrecords.bandcamp.com/

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