Daily Discovery-Lake Dads-Sea Wolf

We’ve got two(!) Daily Discoveries today; I’m off from work and slacked a bit on posting over the weekend, so here’s another song to make up for it. This one comes from Amarillo, TX lo-fi trio Lake Dads, who make music that sounds like what The xx would produce if you removed them from their perpetually nocturnal English habitat and laid them out to bleach under the Texas sun. “Sea Wolf,” off Lake Dads’ new album Honey Dew, rides a relaxed, no-frills drumbeat on a rambling journey through clouds of warm, soulful guitar licks, while frontwoman Keely Wilson lets her mysterious vocals echo and drift around the hazy, minimalist cavern of sound that she and her bandmates have created. The central guitar riff gives “Sea Wolf” a swaying groove that many dreamy/shoegazey/gauzy/etc songs lack, and the song is all the better for it.

Check out more from Lake Dads: https://lakedads.bandcamp.com/

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