Daily Discovery-Clara Kent-The Call

Today’s find, “The Call,” from Pittsburgh-area multidimensional artistic individual (her own apt description of herself) Clara Kent’s upcoming mixtape The 4 Winds: East, is a sleepy listen for this damp , cloudy Monday morning. The track details Kent’s feelings of resignation about a significant other who may not be reciprocating her own level of commitment. The weary sense of exhaustion conveyed by the song’s lyrics are reflected in its muted instrumental, which features glassy synth filigrees reminiscent of something you’d hear on SZA’s 2014 Z EP. But where that album seemed to conceal its artist’s voice behind an obscuring sheet of ice, “The Call” positions Kent’s languid vocals front and center, lending the proceedings a slightly more jazzy, traditionalist vibe than that possessed by some other “alternative R&B” music. I especially like the end of the chorus, when Kent sings, “And then the hue mixed with pink and orange/It turned into blue/Don’t you see me calling?” It’s an interesting line, as you can’t quite tell whether it refers to the literal sunset at the end of a day, the figurative one at the end of a relationship, or a little of both. Regardless, it’s a great song, and I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the mixtape when it’s released in July.

More from Clara Kent: https://bounceclarabounce.bandcamp.com/

Clara Kent is a member of the Tribe Eternal Music Group; check out some of their other work: https://tribeeternal.bandcamp.com/

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