Daily Discovery-Rainsleep-Healing Id

Today’s find is “Healing Id,” off the two-track album Easy Patient by Rainsleep, newly released by Pittsburgh label Aud-Art. This song is of the ambient/downtempo variety, and I’d describe it as the sonic equivalent of a warm blanket on a chilly, early Spring Saturday morning. It’s blissful, but not in a sappy or overemotional way, with muted, echoing synth bubbles occasionally shot through with bright streaks of melody, like rays of sunlight shining through cracked blinds as you wake up naturally, without the use of the dreaded alarm clock. Glitchy, clicking percussion gives the track a sense of crisp, fresh energy, mellow yet alert. “Healing Id” embodies the incredible feeling of being able to lie in bed and appreciate the coming day, with no obligations or responsibilities to speak of. If you can’t tell, I’m very much ready for the weekend. In the meantime, though, this song will do the trick.

Check out more releases from Aud-Art: https://aud-art.bandcamp.com/music

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