Daily Discovery-Kuzich-Closer To You

Today’s find, “Closer To You,” off the new release Fruit Soup (Mandarin Dreams) by funky Australian dude Kuzich, sounds like the result of a substance-enhanced, lava lamp-lit basement jam session featuring Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, Toro Y Moi’s Chaz Bear, and renowned bassist Thundercat. The track’s bleary synth chords are pure chillwave bliss, and are joined by a fuzzed out bass that leisurely pops its slowly-nodding head into the mix from time to time. The drumming, which has the ability to make you feel seasick on dry land, features woozily timed cymbal hits that don’t so much crash as they do bloom along with fills that trail off into gentle stillness instead of ending in catharsis. Kuzich harmonizes with himself in kooky, spooky intervals, fracturing his voice into prismatic shards like those of a broken funhouse mirror. The cumulative effect is intoxicating. Recommended for fans of any of the artists mentioned in the fictional jam session, as well as people who liked Kendrick Lamar’s Damn.

More from Kuzich: https://kuzich.bandcamp.com/

More from Mandarin Dreams: https://mandarindreams.bandcamp.com/

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