Daily Listen-Flying Saucer Attack-My Dreaming Hill

The tale of my quest to obtain Flying Saucer Attack’s 1993 self-titled debut could fill the pages of a mighty, leather-bound tome. Well, not really, but it definitely wasn’t an easy journey. I had wanted to buy the CD for a while; I knew that the English “rural psychedelia” band’s first album was considered an underrated classic of the shoegaze genre, and, as I’m a huge fan of teeth-rattling sheets of distorted melody, I made it my goal to track down Flying Saucer Attack. I first tried my luck at actual record stores, digging through CD’s by the Flying Burrito Brothers, Flyleaf, and more, but to no avail. Then, I took the easy route (or so I thought) and ordered the album on Amazon, only to receive a copy of the band’s Sally Free And Easy EP, a good album in its own right, but one with only two tracks. I re-ordered the album and accidentally shipped it to my parents’ house back in Philadelphia, and had to wait until I made the journey back for my mom’s art opening to pick it up. The sought-after, radiant sunset pictured on the cover made my heart leap, but upon opening the case, I found the disc for The Telescopes’ self-titled album contained within. Again, a shoegazey album that I had actually been looking for as well, but not the right one. Finally, I caved and had the owner of Millvale’s Attic Records (the greatest place on earth) order Flying Saucer Attack to the store, and picked it up last Friday. It did not disappoint, even after all this waiting. “My Dreaming Hill” is the opener, and sets the tone for the rest of the album with distorted, droning guitars and David Pearce’s somnolent vocals buried waaaaaay down in the mix. Beautiful and somewhat violent in its own, shimmering way, this song is not for everyone, but it was the perfect thing to blast at top volume this Monday evening. Thus, the epic yarn draws to a close.

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