Daily Discovery-Samh-We Are Not Physical

Today’s find, “We Are Not Physical,” comes to us from Huddersfield, UK artist Samh; it’s the first single off his upcoming release glowinglow (Saving Grace). The artist describes his sound as “Music written in dreams, on top of mountains and during out of body experiences,” and this track’s lyrics certainly detail some kind of transcendent state. Samh paints a picture of cracking clouds, exploding tongues, and tectonic language (an image I particularly like) before concluding, “We are not physical/There’s nothing to see down here.” I’m going to try and keep that sentiment in mind while cooped up in my windowless office today; it can’t be so bad if I’m not physically there, right? Musically, the track rides a whooshing series of jazzy guitar chords, underpinned by a virtuosic drumbeat courtesy of Ben Wallbanks, who gives a 4-on-the-floor rhythm an organic feel via the use of tightly-controlled snare rolls and hi-hat flutters. The end result is at once earthy and dreamy, like an out of body experience on top of a mountain, which, based on Samh’s description of his music, is likely the desired effect.

Check out more from Samh: https://samh.bandcamp.com/

More releases from Saving Grace: http://www.saving-grace.co.uk/releases/

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