Daily Listen-Tangerine Dream-Optical Race

Tangerine Dream’s “Optical Race” is actually yesterday’s listen; I was blasting this album (also called Optical Race) on 79 North on the way from Pittsburgh up to Erie and loving it. It was a beautiful day for a drive, and I was in a great mood until I was cursed out by a man in a red hot rod for having the audacity to parallel park in front of him when I arrived in Erie. There was a classic car show going on downtown last night, so the rich, entitled old men were out in full force. Griping aside, this track is probably not the best intro to Tangerine Dream; the German electronic group’s mid-70’s albums like Phaedra and Stratosfear are their most well regarded, with their late-80’s work (probably deservedly) seen as a steep drop-off in quality. However, “Optical Race” is a goofy, upbeat listen that made me feel like I was playing a live action version of Mario Kart while I was driving my 2003 Honda Civic along the highway. I legitimately laughed out loud at 1:03, when the Tangerine Dreamers let loose an emphatic blast of orchestral synth; I’m pretty sure that I used to have this exact preset on my dinky middle school Casio keyboard and would amuse myself by practicing for my weekly piano lessons using the sound. I wouldn’t say that “Optical Race” is a great song, but it’s certainly entertaining.

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