Daily Discovery-Timothy Girdler-Your Head Was Floating On A Cloudy Day To Keep The Beast At Bay

Sometimes, you just want to hear a short acoustic instrumental at the end of a busy day. With today’s find, Plymouth, UK artist Timothy Girdler delivers just such a blessing. I don’t feel like typing the excellent, but lengthy, name of the track out again, so please refer to the title of this post if you want to know what it’s called. It’s the opener to Girdler’s new release The World Looks Different With Noise, and mixes a sense of true beauty with an undercurrent of melancholy. The way Girdler plucks his guitar, separating root notes from the rest of their corresponding chords in tight, rhythmic patterns, creates the illusion of a duet with a nonexistent player. The song reminds me of something you’d hear from the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, and was just the thing to unwind to near the end of a week during which I’ve worked 40 hours over the course of 4 days. I don’t want to ruin the lovely sounds with my complaints, though, so I’ll shut up now.

More from Timothy Girdler: https://timothygirdler.bandcamp.com/


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