Daily Discovery-Moonsign-Everything

Today’s find, “Everything,” is a new single from Australian duo Moonsign (featuring another Aussie who goes by Lonelyspeck) released on the Melbourne-based Yes Rave label. I’d classify this song as part of the undefined, amorphous “chill” genre due to its mantra-like lyrics, subtly pitch-shifted vocals, and pillowy drum sound; however, there are a few factors that elevate this track above your standard Majestic Casual-core fare (and yes, that is a genre I just made up, but I’m thinking about trademarking it.) The minimalist instrumental on “Everything” draws from the droning textures of ambient, giving the song a hazy, dreamlike quality, and adds in some string flourishes during the buildup to the drop (are the kids still saying “the drop?”), which basically sounds like what would occur if you locked Odesza in a room with some bedroom pop recording equipment and told them to exercise a little restraint for once. (This is a good thing, if that was unclear.) I often find lyrics in the “chill” genre to be somewhat lacking, so I really liked Moonsign’s choice here to pare theirs down to the repeated phrase “Everything is changing,” the simplicity of which actually ends up giving the song more emotional heft. Overall, a meditative and interesting take on a sound that could use more of this type of variation.

Listen to more music from Yes Rave: https://yesrave.bandcamp.com/

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