Daily Listen-Emmylou Harris-Where Will I Be

Today’s listen, the Daniel Lanois-penned “Where Will I Be,” is the opener to country singer Emmylou Harris’s 1995 album Wrecking Ball, which I had been meaning to buy for a while and finally found at Millvale’s Attic Records over the weekend. The track is not your usually country fare, letting a reverb-heavy, almost post-rock guitar riff and off-beat, spacious drum beat (the instrumental wouldn’t sound out of place on a later Talk Talk record) create a delicate sonic space for Harris to deliver one of the most moving vocal performances you will ever hear. During a chorus in which Harris wonders simply, “Where will I be? Where will I be when that trumpet sounds?”, her falsetto ascends to near-ghostly territory, like a long-wandering spirit being blown down “cracked streets” and “to the other side of desire.” This song completely blew me away when I first put on Wrecking Ball earlier this evening, and I urge you to give it a listen even if you “don’t like country music.”

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