Daily Discovery-Krista Green and The Bees-One More Time

Today’s find is an energetic new single from the English band Krista Green and The Bees. Green herself came up in the Bournemouth, UK busking and pub scene, getting her break when she won the “Bournemouth Unplugged” competition in 2011 and releasing a number of albums since then. “One More Time” has a classic feel, hitting the sweet spot between the melodic British-ness (for lack of a better word) of late-90’s Britpop and the stripped-down energy of early 2000’s garage revival. The song follows a two-guitar attack of pleasingly spiky chords and a buzzing (no bee pun intended) lead riff, creating a backdrop for Green’s conversational, yet tuneful, vocals. “One More Time” has a madcap sense of fun about it, and I’ve decided after listening to it a few times that Green and her band should solve the great mystery of time travel just so that this song can be included in a 1970’s Scooby-Doo chase scene. The track was released along with a wholesome and heartwarming video featuring a bee puppet who finds her true love. The theme coincides perfectly with the start of June, which happens to be Pride Month. Give the video a watch to get the full effect of the song.

Check out more from Krista Green: https://soundcloud.com/kristagreenmusic

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