Daily Discovery-Reflective Detectives-Brave New Boogie

Today’s find, “Brave New Boogie” from the newly released Total Fiction by Los Angeles-via-DC project Reflective Detectives, is the perfect Friday song. Bright and sunny on the surface, with an undercurrent of jaded exhaustion, it captures the feeling (well, at least my feeling) of finishing up the work week and heading into a long Memorial Day weekend, tempered by the lingering knowledge that I’ll be back in front of the computer with 20 unread emails first thing Tuesday morning. Ryan Gabrinetti, the man behind Reflective Detectives, was inspired by his time at school in our nation’s capitol during the first few years of the Trump era; it sounds like he’s utterly disoriented, living in some sort of bizarre, not-very-fun funhouse universe. I know I feel this way every time I go online and see that our fearless leader is threatening nuclear war via misspelled Twitter rants or slurring incoherently about immigrants in front of a microphone, tiny hand formed into the “OK” sign and gesticulating daintily to drive home each nonsensical point. Started to rant there, oops. Musically, “Brave New Boogie” is a hazy, waltzing thing, featuring an abundance of whooshing flanger effects and a killer guitar solo midway through the song. It reminds me a lot of the sound cultivated by The Olivia Tremor Control, a 90’s indie group that combined psychedelic 60’s pop elements with modern synthesizer flourishes and studio trickery. A good, surreal listen for our bad, surreal times.

Side note: Funnily enough, some of this album was apparently recorded in the basement of Phillips Hall, a building on the campus of George Washington University located just down the street from where I lived my senior year at GW.

Check out more from Reflective Detectives: https://reflectivedetectives.bandcamp.com/

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