Daily Discovery-Scrimshire and Georgia Anne Muldrow-Thru You

“Thru You,” by London producer Scrimshire and featuring the excellent Los Angeles artist Georgia Anne Muldrow on vocals, is one of the first songs released from the upcoming Listeners (Albert’s Favourites). A funky rave-up of a track, this one celebrates the power of music to connect us with other people, both physically and spiritually. The nearly 6-minute song rides an infectious groove through the streets of London in a colorful, ecstatic whirlwind, traveling under riverside monorails and spinning down Brixton Water Lane. The music ebbs and flows, but the beat remains locked in, even when the drums drop out for a moment during a midsong interlude, leaving nothing except for a pulsing keyboard and Muldrow’s rich vocals; you can feel the rhythm in your blood ‘n’ guts by that point. This section of the song builds into an incredible finale, that drops a punchy, staccato synth riff into the mix to elevate the song to an even higher plane of joy. Muldrow expresses desire for genuine human contact (“Don’t wanna walk thru you/Just wanna talk to you”) and finds it satisfied through shared musical experience. She shouts out a number of names throughout the song, some probably dead and gone, but brought back to life by her words. She pours out some alcohol for “Pa,” “Mr. Melvin,” “Mr. Big Mel,” “Ron,” “John Henry”; we don’t know exactly who these people are, but the lack of background makes the song all the more intimate. By the end, we’re all dancing and singing with the ancestors in one big spiritual party. An absolutely great song.

Check out more from Scrimshire: https://scrimshire.bandcamp.com/

and from Georgia Anne Muldrow: https://georgiaannemuldrow.bandcamp.com/

More from Albert’s Favourites:https://albertsfavourites.bandcamp.com/

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