Daily Listen-The Lumineers-Angela

Today’s listen is once again a nostalgia trip. I just participated in (and lost, as usual) Wednesday night trivia at the dive bar down the street from my apartment. There was a “sound round” tonight, the theme being songs with proper names featured in the title. The Lumineers song that inspired one of the questions was actually “Ophelia,” (also off 2016’s Cleopatra), but it made me think of “Angela,” which is, in my opinion, a better track. Everyone has probably heard this one at some point, so I don’t think I need to give any background on the song or band.

After I finished college, I spent the better part of a year working at the Gryphon Cafe, a coffee shop that served as my oasis in the metaphorical desert that is the northwest suburb of Philadelphia (aka the Main Line.) The Gryphon Cafe is a sanctuary for those who wish to escape the absolute cultural wasteland that is my home turf (and I realize that this is an incredibly privileged complaint to make in the first place, as I’ve had a more comfortable life than most and really shouldn’t be griping about this sort of thing). That being said, I loved the experience of working at the Gryphon, which doesn’t have the fastest service in the world (because it takes time to prepare good food and drink), isn’t the spiffiest (because it feels almost like someone’s house and doesn’t go for a clinical Starbucks-esque vibe), and has always stood out from its drab surroundings for as long as I can remember. I feel like “Angela” was always on the playlist when I was working, to the point where it was stuck in my head for a good month. This song will always remind me of my time working at the Gryphon, which left me with a taste and respect for high quality coffee and high quality sandwich ingredients. I honestly don’t think I appreciated the experience enough at the time, but I’m trying to do so now. Also, good song.

Check out more from the Lumineers: https://the-lumineers.bandcamp.com/

Check out Gryphon’s site (they roast their own coffee, too, and it’s incredible): http://gryphoncoffee.com/

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