Daily Discovery-Jonfin-Tomorrow

Today’s find is “Tomorrow” from the newly released Cherrypickers by the Chicago, IL group Jonfin. The song is a relatively straightforward slice of jangly indie pop, but it contains several elements that make it to stand out from the vast, monochrome expanse of bedroom-y pop/rock acts out there. The first is a crystalline, watery lead guitar line that adds texture to the verses and then loosely follows the lead vocal line during the chorus before twice opening up into a tuneful solo. It sounds like something you’d hear from either a mellow War on Drugs song or the most energetic cut from The xx. Frontman Jon Wilson’s voice itself is another highlight of “Tomorrow”; higher-pitched and slightly nasal, it has a soothing quality that also manages to add a bit of wistful melancholy to otherwise emotionally ambiguous lyrics. I was having trouble putting my finger on this song’s third standout quality, until it occurred to me; this one sounds like a classic 80’s ballad (a la Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”) being covered by a modern indie band. Something about the song’s melody makes it easy to imagine “Tomorrow” being delivered at a slower pace, backed by glistening, synthetic piano and drums soaked in gated reverb, maybe with a sax solo thrown in for good measure, by a singer with elaborate hair. I guess that just speaks to the timeless quality of the song itself.

Check out more from Jonfin: https://jonfin.bandcamp.com/

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