Daily Listen-Jukebox The Ghost-Good Day

Today’s song makes me think of high school afternoons spent riding around in the backseats of friends’ cars; we’d pile in three or four deep on the way to some local fast food restaurant where we’d smash burgers and chicken sandwiches together to form a disgusting calorie-laden mega feast, all the while talking about the dumbest topics imaginable and dipping fries in our milkshakes. Not to get sappy or overly nostalgic, but the piano riff that opens “Good Day” by Jukebox The Ghost (off 2008’s Let Live & Let Ghosts) always makes me think of those days, which are now 7(!) years gone. Kind of hard to believe. I can remember the first time I heard this one in the back of a friend of a friend’s dad’s blue sports car, the windows down and the roar of the wind obscuring a lot of the music. I could still catch the piano, though, and that’s what hooked me (and kept me hooked) on this song. Alright, enough of the sentimentality; time to go play Mario Kart on the DS and weep over old Phillies highlights.

Check out more from Jukebox The Ghost: https://jukeboxtheghost.bandcamp.com/

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