Daily Discovery-Yasuharu Nagura-bright & solemn

Today’s find, “bright & solemn,” (Hideout Records) is a newly released single from Japanese experimental musician Yasuharu Nagura. The process that Nagura used to create this snippet is called live coding; I don’t pretend to fully understand the practice, but it’s essentially the act of manipulating computer code in real time to create music on the fly. It’s like playing an instrument, using keystrokes to control specific words and phrases (which then influence sonic output) as opposed to using your fingers to create/select notes or chords. It’s slightly more elaborate than playing live analogue music, but the spirit of spontaneous creation is the same. The track itself is a nice little collection of bubbling synths and fragments of what sound like trombone, interacting with each other over a straightforward drum beat. I find the concept of live coding to be fascinating, and hope to learn more about it in the future.

More from Yasuharu Nagura: https://yasuharunagura.bandcamp.com/


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