Daily Listen-Asobi Seksu-Red Sea

Today’s find needed to be noisy, as it had to accomplish the goal of drowning out my tank top-clad, Natty-swilling neighbors, who seem to think that, since Pitt classes have ended, it’s a swell idea to blast music on their porch at all hours of the day and night while getting staggeringly drunk. Now, I realize that complaining about good old revelry makes me sound like some grumpy old dude, and I probably shouldn’t grouse because I basically chose to live on a college campus (thank god I’m moving in July), but ever since I’ve started my Big Boy Job, I’ve fully leaned in to that stereotype. It’s amazing what (usually over) 40 hours per week at a computer for a year straight will do to your level of patience for youthful shenanigans encroaching on your few hours of glorious nothingness once you get home, and plus, I can only take so much “Old Town Road,” Post Malone (aka the Human Vape Cloud), and….Owl fucking City? I’m not kidding on that last one. Anyhow, my noisy song of choice was “Red Sea,” off the 2006 album Citrus (Friendly Fire Recordings) by New York City shoegaze/dream pop band Asobi Seksu. The track combines frontwoman Yuki Chikudate’s wistful, chirping vocals with a propulsive, shimmering instrumental, and culminates in an absolutely crushing crescendo of sound, which was in fact able to drown out all other sources of noise. I just listened to the song on repeat 8 times, so that’ll show those darn kids! Even in other contexts, this song and band are great, so I’d recommend them to anyone at any time.

Headline for today

Quote of the day: “Grab a beer bro…..aw yeah….yeeaah….AHAHAHAH YAAAAAA LET’S GOOOOOO” – One of the several shining examples of America’s youth living across the way


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