Daily Discovery-Five Feet-Warehouse Stairwells

Today’s find is a song from Of Liminal Space, the new release from Manchester, NH trio Five Feet. The group, which describes its music as “dreamy indie pop for long flights to outer-space, and road trips to other dimensions,” covers a lot of stylistic ground on this album, from synthy, blown out walls of sound a la M83 to more straightforward rock numbers. The group does both styles well (the seismic blast of “Hummingbird” being my favorite example of the former), but I’m choosing to focus on “Warehouse Stairwells,” one of the more traditional-sounding tracks, because it’s so damn catchy. The song is borne forward on a shuffling drum beat, rhythmic guitar chords, and chunky bass, which create a foundation for Alanah Tintle to (somewhat ambivalently) air her grievances with someone who has wronged her; “I threw a penny right into a well/And while I wished you would go straight to hell/I took it back, because I’m so sick of being mad.” Eventually, she concludes that “I’m warming my hands by the fire you started in me” and that she’s doing fine on her own. Tintle double-tracks her vocals, carrying the primary melody in a lower register while augmenting it with airy harmonies overtop. Overall, the song sounds kind of like a reverb-ier version of a Black Keys track. Good energy for a Friday.

Check out more from Five Feet: https://fivefeet.bandcamp.com/

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