Daily Discovery-Crushed Beaks-Honesty Box

Today’s find is a power-packed wallop of a pop-punk song by the London trio Crushed Beaks. “Honesty Box” is the lead single from the group’s upcoming August release, The Other Room (Clue Records). The divebombing guitar work on this track is truly raucous, in some places sounding just like a revving motorcycle engine, in others reminding me of the shrieks of the dragon boss Ridley from Metroid: Zero Mission, one of my favorite Gameboy Advance games from childhood. You don’t need to understand that dorky and ridiculously specific reference to appreciate the power of the six strings on this one. The grimy riffs are the perfect foil to the track’s sunny, surf rock-influenced melody. This is one that’s going to be stuck in my head for a while; the only thing left to do is crank it on repeat while beating all of Metroid in one sitting.

Tell me that the guitar squeals starting at 2:32 in the song don’t resemble the dragon scream from 1:11 in this video.

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