Daily Discovery-Mirage-Prism

I have a huge soft spot for all things screamo/emo/hardcore/metal/etc; I used to listen to a ton of that stuff in high school (much to my mom’s chagrin–Happy Mother’s Day, by the way!) because the anguished shouts and impassioned, soaring choruses matched the absurd levels of conflicting emotions that came with being an angsty teen. Like, nobody understood me, man! I’ve remained attached to bands like A Day To Remember, Hawthorne Heights, Silverstein, We Came As Romans, and (especially) Saosin as I’ve gotten older, mostly because those bands make some of the most cathartic music out there. When you’ve had a long, crappy day, there’s something to be said for cranking up some jaggedly melodic tunes and listening to a dude scream away his frustrations like you only wish you could. “Prism,” off the new self-titled EP by the Los Angeles band Mirage, was the perfect song to listen to after driving 2 hours through the rain (for the second straight weekend), all the while being tailed by huge pickups and those people with blinding fluorescent headlights. On a more serious note, something I’ve always liked about hardcore is the streak of self-improvement that runs through many of the genre’s lyrics. If you look past the “scary” vocals, a lot of the messages being shared are positive, even inspiring. Mirage’s vocalist (I’m not sure of the name, sorry, Mirage) conveys a sense of desperation throughout “Prism,” laying bare his battles with apathy, depression, and anxiety, but ends the song with the thought, “I want to be something more/I want to be more.” A sentiment that anyone can get behind. (Except my cat; I don’t think she’s a huge fan of screamed vocals, but that’s just too bad for her.) Great song musically, vocally, and lyrically.

“Turn down that racket!” – Cleo the grumpy cat

Check out more from Mirage: https://mirage-ca.bandcamp.com/

and follow the band on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MlRAGEca/

2 thoughts on “Daily Discovery-Mirage-Prism

  1. Great post, and I agree about how sometimes you just want to hear some hard-driving music with cathartic screaming vocals. I also love your comments about your cat and including her photo. She’s beautiful.


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