Daily Discovery-The Bird Hour-Jackie

Today’s find is, “Jackie,” a sunny indie rock song from Pittsburgh(!) “birdadelic rock” band the The Bird Hour, the first single from their upcoming release Birds of the Evergreen Trail. I always get excited when I find artists based out of Pittsburgh; it gives me the irrational feeling of having human connections outside of my cat (which I guess isn’t actually human connection anyway). Pity party aside, The Bird Hour has been yinzing since 2012, well before my arrival here, and thinking back, I feel like I may have seen posters/stickers for this band around the city at various points. “Jackie” is deviously catchy, blending modern indie stylings with a 90’s throwback vibe. Imagine Third Eye Blind fronted by Adam Granduciel from The War On Drugs, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what the song sounds like. The track winds down with a string-tinged instrumental coda, and ends with the wholesome line, “It’s Jackie’s love that gets me out of bed.” I personally really hope that Jackie is the happy, sunglasses-clad dog pictured in the single’s artwork; I would love being able to wake up and hang out with that hound every day. For now, it’s my cat’s claws battering me about the face that gets me out of bed, but I digress. Great song; listen to it.

Check out more from The Bird Hour: https://thebirdhour.bandcamp.com/

and follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebirdhour/

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