Daily Discovery-Winter Moon-Who Are You

Today’s find, “Who Are You,” comes from the Melbourne band Winter Moon, from their upcoming release Make Real Make Believe. A creeping slice of swampy rock ‘n’ roll, the song rides a restrained, reggae-influenced instrumental through the verses into a menacing chorus featuring an electric guitar riff that clouts you over the head like an anvil. The lyrics are your classic middle-finger-to-the-ex fare, but they’re elevated by an absolutely volcanic performance from frontwoman Milly Moon. Her voice, like Superman with tall buildings, is able to leap octaves in a single bound, and at times displays a growling quality that makes me think of an alternate universe Christina Aguilera living in a bog and casting spells on those who have wronged her. She holds back and lets loose at all the right times, conveying a seething, bottled-up anger that every so often leaks out in fiery bursts. It’s a showstopping performance, easily the highlight of an already strong track. Recommended for fans of the Dead Weather (Jack White’s other other band) and witchy alternate universe Aguilera.

Swamptina Aguilera (colorized)

Check out more from Winter Moon: https://wintermoonband.bandcamp.com/

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