Daily Listen-Pinkshinyultrablast-The Cherry Pit

I overslept this morning and spent my first hour or so of consciousness blearily grousing around my apartment, the usual case of the Mondays exacerbated by my harried state and by my lingering allergies. After rushing to get ready, I slunk outside, popping on my crooked $5 sunglasses and clawing around in my pocket for my phone and earbuds as I moped down the empty Oakland street. The first song that came on shuffle was “The Cherry Pit” from the 2016 album Grandfeathered (Club AC30) by Russian shoegaze group Pinkshinyultrablast, and damn if it didn’t immediately snap me out of my funk. This may be the most aptly-named band in existence, as listening to the group’s music feels like being leveled by a tidal wave of day-glo paint. Sprightly, dance music-inspired verses, complete with shimmering guitar, bright synthesizers, and elastic bass, contrast with jet-fueled choruses during which six strings seemingly multiply into the thousands, not so much playing chords as pumping out deafening sheets of distorted noise. Throughout this joyous chaos, singer Lyubov coos unintelligibly like a modern day Elizabeth Fraser, her voice coated in reverb and sustain until it becomes just another radiant beam of light in the neon-colored maelstrom. “The Cherry Pit” hit me like a sugar rush when I heard it this morning, doing more to lift my spirits than any cup of black coffee could. Side note: either I can influence my phone’s music selection with my thoughts, or Apple has a creepy mind-reading shuffle algorithm. I was thinking that the distorted bass near the end of “The Cherry Pit” resembles the intro to “Same Old Song” by The Weeknd, and sure enough, the latter was the next song to start playing on shuffle. There was a 1-in-1688 chance of that happening, so hmm…

Listen to more from Pinkshinyultrablast: https://pinkshinyultrablast.bandcamp.com/

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