Daily Discovery-Western Jaguar-In Passing

Today’s find, “In Passing,” is a bluesy, slightly countrified slow burner from the newly released In Passing/Belong by Canadian group Western Jaguar. This track is the latest in a grand lineage of lighter-waving power ballads by artists of all genres. The weary, contemplative lyrics touch on the impermanence of life, and the necessity of human connection when it comes to making peace with that reality–you know, your archetypal power ballad fodder. The music itself has an appealing, DIY sound, like it was recorded in someone’s garage or basement. The song features an incredible series of guitar fills and solos, courtesy of Kier-Christer Junos (I think), that would sound perfectly at home on one of the sadder rock hits you’d hear on 70’s radio. Also need to draw some attention to Jeffrey Trainor’s raw, emotive vocal performance. He cruises through the first 2/3 of the song in a lower tone, before absolutely ripping into a higher octave for the final chorus. He ends his remarks with a “Whoo!” that leads into one final instrumental passage, which is placed so perfectly that I was able to feel it coming and greet its entrance with a massive headbang, upon which I may or may not have pinched a nerve in my neck. “In Passing” is worth a listen if you like timeless-sounding rock music, or if you’ve ever listened or sang along to the Rolling Stones’s “Wild Horses” while in a lovelorn state. So, everyone, basically.

Listen to more from Western Jaguar: https://westernjaguar.bandcamp.com/

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